Friday, 22 March 2013

Guidelines For MACS Application

Malaysia Automated Clearance System (MACS)

In line with supporting the economic development of Iskandar Malaysia, MACS was developed to cater to fast-track immigration clearance for non-Malaysian investors, business persons and professionals.
MACS enhances border integrity and security by utilising the combination of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and biometric verification technology. Through a streamlined application process at the MACS Application Counter, applicants will be issued with a sticker embedded with a RFID chip that will be attached to the passport.
MACS holders benefit from faster immigration autogate processing via access to dedicated entry and exit MACS lanes and will also be excluded from the requirement of completing the immigration arrival card (IMM.26). Consequently, entry and exit to/from Malaysia records shall be made online and the usage of passport pages for stamping will be minimized.

Spouses and dependents of MACS holders are also entitled to apply this facility with the condition that they have been issued with the relevant immigration pass.

MACS is simply a form of fast-track facilitation and does not act as an immigration pass or visa. Visitors are still required to obtain visa (if applicable) and will be issued with relevant immigration pass. Singaporean Frequent Travellers are still required to obtain the relevant long term immigration pass.
MACS applicants who are involved with the development of Iskandar Region Projects are required to meet the terms and conditions as follows:
  • Non-Malaysian citizens who are sponsored by a Malaysian company (or company based in Malaysia) and directly involved the in the development and projects/ activities related to Iskandar Region;
  • In possession of an international passport with minimum validity of two (2) years;
  • Not listed in the Immigration Suspect List;
  • Has been issued with a relevant long term immigration pass (if applicable - relevant to category B applicants); and
  • Entry Visa (if applicable - relevant to visa required citizens)

Application forms are available online at Immigration Malaysia’s web site at

Completed application forms must be printed, verified by the Malaysian sponsor and endorsed by the IRDA representative (only applicable for MACS – Iskandar Malaysia applicant).

Submission of application forms (and relevant supporting documents) shall be made to the respective MACS One Stop Center. MACS – Iskandar Malaysia applicants are required to submit the completed application forms at IRDA’s office.

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  1. by appointing Third Link as Malaysia's MACC's application centre in Singapore is a joke.
    milking singaporeans and the time required to get a MACC (one day) is another joke. The service by Third Link is appalling.

  2. The company Third link is seriously a joke. Irresponsible and incapable staff and now the cost is $35 up from $15. This is totally unacceptable.

  3. Please take note that MACS is for avoiding filling Malaysia Embarkation Card , and only can exit or depart from Johor Bahru CIQ or Second Link CIQ only . My daughter was not allowed to leave the country when she depart at KLIA Airport . The Immigration Officer request her to return to Johor Bahru and depart via Johor Bahru CIQ or Second Link CIQ as they couldn't find Entry stamp on the passport . I also don't understand why the KLIA Airport Immigration after scan the passport they should be able to see the entry records as the system server is 24/7 link . After pleading to higher position officer at the airport , they let her depart this once as flight waiting . Please plan your journey and clarify with Malaysia Immigration when you plan to depart from other exit .

  4. you all complain ... wait they close down the office in singapore altogether. go KL and make then you know